The Town of Comox is saying no to wood-burning appliances.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Comox council members passed a resolution to prohibit wood burning appliances in all construction projects.

Mayor Russ Arnott explains: “We went with option two that was on the (council) agenda, and that is no new wood stoves or chimneys can be installed either in existing homes or new homes, but upgrades are allowed. So if you have a wood stove and chimney, then you would be able to upgrade that to a more higher efficiency device.”

Comox residents who already have wood stoves and chimneys in their homes will be unaffected by the bylaw.

However, residents won’t be able to install a wood burning appliance in their existing homes.

Arnott said there will be a bit of a grace period before the bylaw is implemented.

The Comox Building Amendment Bylaw 1903 was amended as followed:

“No person shall design or construct a building or building addition whose heating system or service water heating system relies in whole or in part on the use of a wood burning appliance, or install a wood burning appliance in a building or building addition for which a building permit is issued after June 28, 2019.”

Article originally published on MyComoxValleyNow.

Russ Arnott

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Using wood for heat is popular in many areas of B.C., however it generates far more pollution than other heating alternatives, such as electricity or natural gas. Wood heating emits a number of pollutants including fine particulate matter (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).